Are you heading for the beach but aren't sure how to keep the sand and moisture off your beloved iPad? Or has your old-fashioned ice box broken down on you to ruin your plans of enjoying a cold one with friends out by the surf? No need to fret, these gadgets specially designed for beach trips will have you covered:

Overboard Waterproof iPad cases
These cases are specially designed to keep any sand particles or water off your iPad, so you can browse away on the internet, watch movies, or sit by the waters and read your favorite book without worrying about your iPad being damaged by the elements. 

Koolmax Coolers
These fantastic, thoughtfully designed beauties are like the Swiss army knives of ice-boxes, packing a high-capacity cooler, 350w bluetooth speakers to get your jam on, waterproof compartment for your phone and other precious devices, and even a magnetic bottle opener for the stuff stashed away in the cooler. All this, in one shiny, sleek box. Worth the price, my friend. 

Off-Grid Solar backpack
Ever worry about your phone conking off on you right in the middle of your beach party, with no hope of a power source around? The Off-Grid Solar backpack is the answer to your worries. This beast of a backpack has an actual solar panel on its face, capable for harnessing energy from the sunshine that's plentiful around to charge its inbuilt battery. This remarkable bag can provide up to 4 hours' worth of backup charge, whilst also performing its regular duties as a backpack. The battery charges fully within an hour or so, and can then be used to fully top up your phone or tablet, allowing you to soak up the sun without worry.