Chest up, head back, arms stretched out waving against the force of the wind. Eyes closed, I take a deep breath and inhale the fresh air as I race down the hill on my pink dirt bike. Riding my bike gave me the exhilarating feeling of flying. Nothing replaces that sense of freedom as a child.

. Opening the door to my son's room, expecting to see friends laughing and talking and having a good time, I see instead two teenage boys staring into a television screen side by side each playing off their own game system. Oh, how the times have changed!

This was what they considered hanging out with friends? If I had to do it all over again I would have set boundaries when using technology. I would limit the time spent on a computer, game system, and cell phone. I would not have given in to his every whim to make him happy, especially when it came to technology.  I am learning from my mistakes. My younger son, unfortunately for him, will have scheduled times for technology use. I will "force" him to go outside to play. Yes, "force." Sad but true!

Today, when you see family and friends together, you see a group of people on some form of technology. As Albert Einstein once predicted, "I fear the day when technology overlaps with our humanity, the world will only have a generation of idiots." Technology is getting smarter, but we are we? If we rely on technology to do all the thinking for us, to entertain us to the point that we do not to use our own intelligence…what will we become?

Yes, technology can be great. When my sons leave for college I will be internally grateful that technology will bring my son's back to me in a matter of seconds in a virtual sense, but until then while my two boys are with me I want to create memories and teach them the true values of life. When you lay on your deathbed, will you be posting on your Facebook account or will you be looking around your bedside and take with you the memories of all the moments you spent with your family?