If you want to keep yourself fit, you should try yoga. Its good qualities are known to people since ages and it adapts to the need of hour. Here we are going to share some facts of yoga. Check it for yourself. 

•    Asanas are for peace of mind 
All the starters feel that yoga is nothing but practicing of asana or the physical postures. The Patanjali Yog Sutra consists of 196 verses, the ashtanga yog is the visible more clearly. Asanas are used as a tool that trains your mind as well as senses All the poses of yoga are inspired by the natural surroundings and teaches you from the natural surroundings.

•    It is a complete sync of all the religions
Mahmud of Ghazni did the first translation of yoga sutra in Arabic form. The great scholar, Al Beruni, translated it and called it ‘Kitab Patanjali’. 

•    It is neutral to all genders
Yoga is practiced globally by all men and women. Also, the gurus don’t discriminate between the males and females while teaching yoga. Yoga needs practice, observation and contemplation. It is not discriminated on the basis of age, nationality, class and gender.

•    It is about the lifestyle you choose 
Various postures of yoga provides you different benefits like reducing weight, gaining weight, controlling diabetes, etc. To get the best outcome, you should not smoke, drink, hoard, or cribble excessively. So you need to choose what kind of lifestyle you desire.