Hula Hooping is a fun activity that most girls and teens are fond of. It's great fun for the young ones to perform just for the fun of it. But for older individuals, hula hooping makes a tremendous exercise that can help burn calories.

Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and Marisa Tomei are just a few of countless known personalities who resort to hula hooping to achieve their fitness goals. Given these women's beautiful figures, there is no wonder that hula hooping truly works as a calorie-burning exercise.

Studies show that hula hooping can burn calories as much as performing boot camp, going for a vigorous walk, or doing step aerobics.

To start burning calories using the hula hoop, you should be armed with an adult-sized hoop. It's not the kind that is made of plastic. Choose a hoop that is heavier and one that goes around the waist in slow motion. These hoops can be bought in several online shops.

Hula Hooping is a great way to work your core. It aids in reducing extra fat around the waist and tones up the muscles found in the stomach. There are studies which prove that ordinary hula hooping can actually burn as much as 400 calories per hour. When this is performed with arms and legs as part of the routine, one can burn up to 600 calories from this activity. 

There are a number of hula hooping workouts that are emerging online. Find one that pleases you and do it with your loved ones. Hula hooping is an inexpensive way to burn calories and can be performed either indoors or outdoors any time of the day.