Residents in Louisville will be able to experience the benefits that come with having a fitness festival as the inaugural fitness festival in Louisville is set to go down in a few weeks time. There are plenty of benefits that are usually associated with fitness festivals, for instance, if you are someone who loves working out then the fitness festival will be where you will be able to get some great ideas on what you are doing or what you are not doing under one roof. In addition to that you will get to see some new items in the market that you actually didn’t know about. That said, the Louisville fitness festival will also feature all this things and in addition to that, there will be several fitness classes that will be held. 

According to the event organizers, the fitness classes will be highly effective and ones that are filled with so much valuable information that you could take up given that you would take up the classes. To make it even more great is the fact that the classes will be headed by Jeffrey Howard who will help out all the participants in the class to warm up with some simple workouts. Other notable names that will be there at the fitness festival include Copper and Kings Distillery’s top instructors. 

It’s not all just fitness as the festival will also be raising money the Louisville Girls Leadership Program that has been taunted as a game change in plenty of ways.