Hickory Girls Fitness is a dance class fitness that is appropriate for all ages, gender, and even ability level. The classes are conducted on weekdays. There is upbeat music that resonates with all dance lovers. It is all done for a cause.


That is what the Hickory Girls Fitness news story is all about. It is a YouTube video that talks about how a building on Highway 4 welcomes dozens of people in the evening for a dance fitness class. This building is the “Le Rumba” which converts to a dance club during the weekends. During the weekdays, it turns into a home for the Hickory Girls Fitness.


The founders are also the instructors who have their unique style of dance workout. The feeling is more similar to a dance party than a mundane exercise routine.


The money that is raised from the fitness classes is donated to local charities. These girls are dedicated to their goal. They were recognized in 2014 for being a “Distinguished Business Philanthropist”.


The HG fitness, as it is popularly known, was established in middle of 2010. The ultimate goal of the founders was to create a space where all kinds of people regardless of gender, ability, or age could come together and be healthy.


So the fitness class is a dance class for people who want to have fun while they lose weight. The class is a great opportunity for the community to come together and do something for fun as well as participating in giving to local charities. They organize fundraisers and over the last 5 years, HG Fitness has been a saviour to many local charities. It is said that last year alone, they were able to donate approximately $20,000.