When it comes to our environment and our jobs, you can rarely find a job that will protect our planet and be environmentally friendly.
Green employment in the United States of America is not so big, but what we can definitely say is that it keeps getting better.
For example in the first 3 months of 2015, approximately forty new renewable energy and transportation project were launched in nineteen states, which means they created almost 10,000 jobs. It sounds promising we must admit.

Many people would say that it is not enough, and we agree, but you have to know that these results are much better than in the first quarter of 2014.
For instance solar power openings added almost 7000 jobs nationwide and almost 2000 of these jobs were from projects in Georgia.
Yes, we are talking about Georgia, and even though some of you cannot believe it, this country managed to beat out Texas and California, and has become No.1 when it comes to clean-energy employment growth.

Maybe this statistic does seem impossible, but Georgia managed to create more green jobs than California.
California is followed by Texas, New Mexico, Michigan, Utah, Virginia, Colorado, Indiana and Maryland.
In the next few years we can definitely expect a lot more jobs (when it comes to environmentally friendly jobs) from Florida.
It is not currently possible, because solar power produced in any state must be sold back, and you cannot lease solar panels, because it is illegal.