Roof plants are simply said, perfect. They look nice and your home will look more interesting and more beautiful. But they also offer you several benefits. Roof plants will reflect the sun and heat, so you will have to use less energy in order to cool down your home. Also, you will use less energy to heat it during the winter. Runoff water will be reduced because roof plants will absorb water. In addition, we know how much plants are important for the environment, so the more the better.

If your home has a shallow substrate roof, you can use hardy plants that require no maintenance. The best plants are: delosperma and sempervivum. They are strong enough, so they can endure low and high temperatures. Also, they are strong, so they can survive on the shallow substrate roofs. In addition, these plants will look great during the whole year.
Alyssum and dianthus are the best plants for medium substrate roofs. Sedges and grasses can also be planted on this type of roof. They require a very little maintenance and they look nice. You can use plants for shallow substrate roof as well.

If you have a flat roof, you can create roof meadows. They can be very long. In this case, grasses, wildflowers and sedums are the best choice. These plants can survive all-weather conditions and extreme temperatures. But, you will have to talk to the architect in order to see can your roof sustain this extra weight. If it isn’t, you will have to upgrade your roof before you do this. This upgrade is expensive and it requires a lot of time.