The demand for more green and open spaces in urban areas is not just aesthetic or environmental need. It can have positive effect on the psychology of the students. The recent research says, mental development of young children will improve if the school has green spaces around.  The greenery will gift children with clean air, less struggle with traffic pollution, said experts. The psychological effect of green views and trees are better than watching the concrete jungle outside the window.
 The scientists from Spain observed bunch of children for one year and observed sharp 5 percent increase in the memory, work development of the children due to exposure to greener surrounding around city and school. The work efficiency was at peak too. The superior working memory, which decides the capacity to update memories with new information showed rise of 6 percent. The attention span of children also increased. The scientists explained that the high amount of carbon from city pollution develops inattentiveness in children.
The computer analysis pointed towards the same result. More than 2,593 children between the ages of 7 to 10 went through mental performance tests conducted by researchers in 36 primary schools based in Barcelona with the interval of three months for a year. The chosen age slot represents a period where the growth of brain is fast and rapid. National Academy of Sciences’ journal proceedings informed the people about the report. The exposure to green spaces was measured by satellite images. All children showed superior working memory.