In order to save our planet we must use technology. After all, early technology is responsible for the pollution, so we must use new types of technology to stop the pollution. Still, many people believe that we don’t need a technology. Actually, we cannot live without it. We get used to it, and losing something that you want isn’t an option for many people. A good side is that there are many new, green technologies.

•    Many countries are paying a lot of attention on the lightning. It is important because every home uses at least 4-5 light bulbs. If we know how many homes there are, you can understand why this is important for our planet. Also, many countries are trying to increase the use of LEDs and fluorescent bulbs. They are affordable, but highly effective.
•    New types of batteries are almost here. Elon Musk said that in a 2 years he will build a factory that will making and selling lithium-ion batteries that will be more efficient that todays batteries. They will be used to power a home.
•    Vertical gardening also has 2 benefits. Our health and it is eco-friendly.  Fruits and vegetables grown in this way is much healthier. It doesn’t contain pesticides or other chemicals. It is possible to grow more food in less time that in conventional farming. 
•    Wind farms are equally important as solar panels, but they are less known. They can provide enough electricity for the entire neighborhood or a small part of a city. In the future they will be more efficient.
•    Drought tolerant crops will reduce the need for water and we will have more food. Saving water is also very important.