A green shack is a small place with many opportunities. Probably one of the most important is the window farming. Because it is very simple, people believe that they know everything about it. But, there are several things that you should be concern on. In order to grow food you will need a month or two. If you make a mistake, you will kill the plant, so you will have to do all over again. Luckily, you can prevent yourself from making serious mistakes. But first, you must know the mistakes.
1.    Root damages are very possible. You can damage them when you pull grass around them or when you use an object to dig holes into the soil. Also, if your pot fall and the soil ‘’escapes’’ from the pot, the best way is to move the plant into another pot. Wrong! Many plants will die after this. Just cover the roots with soil and put the pot back in place.
2.    If you forgot to water your plants, but you remembered just in time, do not add too much of water. This can be fatal for your plants. The ideal measurement is when the water starts coming out of the soil, your plant will have the right amount of water.
3.    If you have rotten fruit, remove it from the plant. The same is with fruits and plants with a disease. They can spread it on other plants. Also, rotten fruit draws nutrition from the plant, but you cannot eat it.
4.    Insects can be harmful for your plants. However, bees aren’t. If you see an ant colony, do anything in order to keep them away from your plants.