The scientists have now claimed that the air pollution is so dangerous that it can even cut down the white element of the brain. Many elements in air can pollute the environment and cause detrimental effect on an individual. A research team conducted a study and MRIs of about 1403 women who were in the age group of 71 – 89 yrs were taken for further revelations. They used histories of residential and also made use of air monitoring data for estimating the exposure of air pollution in about 6 – 7 yrs. The results were really very shocking. 

It was shocking when the result of the study was revealed. The elderly women who lived in places that were affected by higher air pollution had the white content of their brain diminished in size. According to the scientists, the air pollutants can also have a determinant effect on the aging of the brain. This can be very harmful for body of an individual so steps should be taken to keep air pollution in control. 

The Lead Author, Dr. Jiu Chiuan Chen, said that they got some very convincing evidence during the study. The evidence reveals that several parts of the brain aging, especially the white part, show the neurotoxin effects that can also be induced by long-term exposure of body to some very fine particles in the atmosphere. The result of this study has been published in Annals of Neurology.