There are certain kinds of manners required for talking to a courtroom which you will have to keep in mind in case you are guilty of a legal issue and have to face a judge or jury. The judge and jury will be the one who will decide if you are guilty or innocent so your behavior and personality can either make or break your case. 

The thing you need to know is that there are certain times in which it is suitable for you to speak and you experienced criminal attorney will guide and tell you when and what to speak during the process of questioning. Your criminal attorney will already discuss your plea with you and tell you how to express your feelings when taking that plea. You only need to speak the words like guilty or non-guilty and shouldn’t say anything that can be used against you in other charges. You will also be asked questions by the public prosecutor and the defense lawyer and you will be required to testify so you need to control your emotions when answering all the questions. 

If you have been proved guilty then you will have an opportunity to talk to the judge before he declares the sentence. The advisable method is to remain peaceful and calm, and show a remorseful attitude towards your guilt so that the judge can show some mercy on you. During the sentencing, you will be given an opportunity to talk with the victim or his family. It is advisable to have a written speech which you have already discussed with your attorney and which conveys your message in an effective way.