On Monday, hundreds of Haitians as well as other non-citizen members in the Dominica Republic did all they could so as to bit off the deadline that had been set by the government with regards to securing a legal residency. The government of the Dominican Republic set out a looming paperwork deadline for those who are not citizens by birth. In addition to the deadline the government ad also issued out a threat stating that, they will be deporting those who failed to secure a legal residency. 

Following the announcements, numerous of Haitians as well as other non-citizen did everything imaginably possible to get the new legal residency. At the offices of the country’s Interior Minister, long lines could be seen and many of those who were on the line were people from the neighboring country, Haiti. Many of them were looking at submitting their papers to the offices of the Interior Minister. The deadline for submitting the papers is Wednesday this week. 

According to those who were at the line, the process has been made very slow due to the fact that they were being told they lacked the necessary papers that were required for their application to be processed and as a result had to make multiple trips to the Interior Minister’s office. 

“This process is very hard,” said Aime Morette, who is a bricklayer. “They have told us that we need to go back and bring other papers.” Morette was in line waiting together with another 140 people.